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Transform Your Life!

Transforming your life begins with a desire to change. You can improve your overall health,

both physically, and mentally, while increasing energy, enthusiasm, and your enjoyment for life.

Why wait? Every day is an opportunity to transform, and there’s no one better to help you

achieve your goals, then The Silent Path Coaching.

Spotlight on Walter - A 61-Year-Old Retired Physical Education Teacher

In the summer of 2021, Walter was looking for a way to keep active after retiring, and heard

about The Silent Path Coaching through friends. Based on their glowing recommendation, he was inspired to sign himself up.  His goal was simply to improve his overall fitness, and to keep up with his teenage sons on the basketball court. 

Taking the First Step

Once he had taken the step of committing himself to The Silent Path Coaching, together they decided to set his sights on improving his strength, balance, and endurance, all of which would help him with his goals.

The Silent Path Coaching’s plan for Walter included weight training with kettlebell swings,

curls, deadlifts, and the slam ball. He was introduced to a variety of other activities which

challenged his cardio, stamina, and endurance, like running, and the assault bike, while focusing on abdominal exercises like plank, and boxing exercises. Walter had never tried boxing before, and discovered he enjoyed learning the techniques. It became an outlet for stress relief while promoting a greater sense of self-confidence. Walter soon discovered that he looked forward to The Silent Path Coaching workouts, and his new, healthier living spilled into other areas of his life, like his relationships with others, his nutrition, and curtailing his drinking.

Perseverance, and Patience 

Transformation is not an instant event. It takes time to make permanent lifestyle changes. And while patience is a virtue, so too, is perseverance.

Walter realized some of the challenges set by The Silent Path Coaching were not easily achieved.

He failed more than once at the activities, however, by not giving up, and continuing to build

step-by-step towards the goals set, Walter built up his perseverance.

Over time, Walter noticed his muscle toning, mental strength, and endurance improve. And he could keep up on the court with his teenagers – at least for most of the game.

Continued Results

As 2022 comes to a close, Walter continues to set goals for himself, and work towards new goals in an environment designed to challenge him. His boxing skills include the new, challenging speed bag, and as an added bonus, after signing up his teens with The Silent Path Coaching, he now enjoys spending even more quality time with them in an active routine when he occasionally joins them in their workouts.

The Silent Path Coaching is there every step of the way, helping set individual, realistic goals, and increasing energy, enthusiasm, and enjoyment for life. Transformation is possible, and every day is an opportunity to take the first steps toward your goals!

Written by Joanne Taylor, freelance writer

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