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The Silent Path Coaching with Team Building

Silent Path Coaching is a leader in the field of team building coaching. They focus on empowerment, building team chemistry, and synergy for sports teams of all ages. Royal Carney, a passionate and experienced coach, thrives on helping teams take concrete steps towards their purpose and goals. He leads team building coaching activities to create a unified machine, driving the team on to better themselves and one another.

What is Team Building Coaching

Team building coaching focuses on strengthening the foundation on which the team is built. It is a specific approach to building, repairing, strengthening, and creating strong symmetry between players to create a unified team dynamic. It can be applied to youth teams or professional ones. Through a range of activities, team building coaching targets and develops positive, deep connections between players, which then builds confidence, accountability, and establishes trust.

At Silent Path Coaching, Royal commits to the creation of community, establishing a culture of communication, and building support systems for individuals and teammates. Empowerment, as a definition, is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

Establishing Team Identity

A strong, clear team identity gives the individual players a sturdy and unified foundation to grow from. A team building coach will assess the team and help identify their core values. Once these values have been established, the first building blocks of the foundation are formed. To do this, the team building coach must determine what the team’s goals are and what they hope to achieve. Some common goals include improving communication skills, increasing resiliency, and strengthening symmetry. These goals work together to ensure the team sees improvements in both practices, and in games.

Strong Individuals Together Make for a Strong Team

Team building coaching identifies and strengthens the roles of each player through assessment and action. Once these roles are established, this coaching style builds on the individual strengths each player brings to the team. Consistent communication about team identity and values is a key factor in keeping the players on the same page, working towards the same goals and purpose.

Team building coaching encourages supporting one another in a competitive environment so the players feel comfortable sharing feelings and information.

Continue to Build a Strong Foundation and Strong Team Spirit

Silent Path Coaching encourages team bonding through various physical activities. One of Royal’s favourite team-building exercises is a push-up challenge in which the team has one hand on the ground and the other hand on a teammate’s shoulder. The team must do a series of push-ups in sync with one another, developing a synchronicity that can be felt by all members at the same time. As they work together to achieve their goal, they have fun, communicate well, and develop trust.

Royal believes in building the spirit of the team through hard work and resiliency. Creating and maintaining team unity is a powerful feeling and can propel a good team to greatness.

Communication with One Another and as a Team

Communication is paramount in stressful game situations. Building one another up in practice and learning to communicate efficiently in non-stress games is all important for communicating in a high stress area. Players must learn how to cope with each other’s strengths and weaknesses in low-risk situations, so they can develop the resources to draw on when in a game situation.

For youth teams, Royal employs a simple game of tug of war. This is a fun way to start building teamwork and communication skills, while also highlighting which players are verbal leaders.

Through team building coaching, Silent Path Coaching addresses how the team and team members talk to one another. They learn the best words to use, to share experiences, and nurture both respect and a willingness to cooperate and connect. Royal believes in building better relationships. Team members learn a little more about themselves and see each other more clearly, which leads to mutual respect and support.

Why Silent Path Coaching is the Best Place to Come for This

Team building coaching is best done by experienced, passionate individuals who can draw on years of coaching to understand and motivate. A passionate team building coach, like Royal, can help new teams establish themselves and turn an existing team into a well-oiled machine. At Silent Path Coaching, the priority is to help teams become strong, efficient, and harmonious. With his wealth of experience and resources, Royal brings innovation and passion to team building coaching. From the Whitby Wildcats Bantam AAA Hockey teams, the Birchmount Bulldogs Baseball teams, and the Bond Bearcats Elementary Private School teams, as well as members of the Canadian Ball Hockey Team, Silent Path Coaching respects and treats all teams, and team members, with professionalism, empathy, and a singular vision to improve their performance, and unity.

written by Joanne Taylor

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