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Taoism and Coaching

“Treat a person as though you are planting a garden. Create an environment that helps them grow by supporting them with care.” – Royal Carney, The Silent Path Coaching

What is Taoism?

Taoism is both a religion and a philosophy. Taoism instructs believers how to exist in harmony with the universe and the energy found in it. It believes humans should live in balance with Tao (with the universe) and is best described as a guide for how best to live a balanced life. Taoists

believe everything is connected and nothing makes sense alone or by itself. The Yin and the Yang are matching pairs, like hot and cold, or action and inaction. You cannot have one without the other. This is described as a “dance” that defines the unity of Tao and its continuous transformation. The flow of “Chi,” the energy of Tao, is all important as the dance continues at all times, during both calm and hectic moments.

What can you do to achieve Tao?

You can strive to achieve Taoism by trying to be balanced, by being harmonious in your daily life. Harmony includes a state of peace within ourselves. There is also harmony with friends,family, with others, and with strangers. There is also harmony within the world. Taoism is a guide for how best to live a balanced life.

Taoism Everyday

Be aware of Taoism in your daily life. Is there harmony in your daily life? How can you

incorporate more harmony and balance into your life? Taoism can be found every day. Harmony includes our physical, mental, emotional state, and includes awareness of our past, present, and future. Continuously striving towards balance is a great way to discuss Taoism. Everyone can relate to days, afternoons and moments of feeling the opposite of Tao, or feeling off-balance within themselves or their lives. It is difficult to cope on days when you’re feeling out of step with yourself or with family or when you feel out of touch and unconnected. Reaching out to reconnect, through actions or words can help balance come back into daily lives.

Silent Path Coaching will help put your feelings into words, help define your harmony and help you to be aware of how to strive towards a better balance.

Taoism and Coaching

Taoism is leading by accepting. To lead effectively, a coach allows for different perspectives and encourages personal growth… not by following others. By listening and encouraging individual self-expression, there is a certain freedom which leads to personal growth, and through growth comes awareness, and harmony.

Often times, we are influenced by our environment to we give answers to questions that we

believe others want to hear. We are pushed to give the “correct” answer. The purpose of

coaching is to listen deeply and allow the client to come to their truth organically. Coaching

encourages creation of your authentic self.

Rather than providing answers, Silent Path Coaching and Taoism offer encouragement and

support so that people can form their own conclusions. A great coach helps a client look at their own thinking and answer their own questions through conversations and lots of listening.

Taoism uses the example of water as a philosophy of life. Water flows around objects, or if need be, it can crash with power. Water can fit into whichever object it is poured. It is adaptable, flowing, versatile, calm, and powerful.

“If we could all aspire to live like, this we would all have much happiness.” – Royal Carney, TheSilent Path Coaching

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