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Spotlight on Seniors with The Silent Path Coaching

Older adults are faced with many natural, physical changes and regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. At The Silent Path Coaching, they are there to motivate, guide, and help you get the most out of exercise.

How Does the Body Change Over Time?

Time affects us all, and physically, the body slows and loses strength. Aging affects everyone, so preventive measures, such as regular physical activity, can maintain and increase core strength, flexibility, muscle mass, and balance. The Silent Path Coaching focuses on targeting needs on an individual basis and designing the best physical activities at an appropriate intensity level.

Custom Workouts Over Fifty

Fifty or older? At this age, there is a decrease in bone density, there can be a loss of muscle

mass, slouching, a general overall weakness, and a decreasing metabolic process. Physical activity should be adjusted to find an intensity that is just right for you. While regular walking and taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator can help keep you fit, a more regular, organized approach to physical fitness is best. Workouts should be a minimum of twice a week.

The Silent Path Coaching will help you reach your goals of regular exercise, help you be

accountable for your body now and going forward, ensure you take breaks when you need it, and stay hydrated.

Stretching safely, both prior and after physical activity, becomes imperative, as well as core

strength and balance. A wobble board, as well as certain yoga poses, like the tree pose are

examples of ways to add specialized exercise for your stage of life.

Exercising in Your Sixties and Seventies

At this age, dry ligaments, tendons, and frail bones combined with overexercising can often lead to injury without trained, professional guidance. At Silent Path Coaching, they encourage you to increase physical activities that improve balance, such as walking backwards and standing on one leg. Physical activities should be done a few times a week now, and as you age, having someone there to support and help you, is essential. The heel to toe walk, shifting your weight from one side to the other, standing on one foot, and other bone strengthening activities are some activities designed for posture improvement.

The Silent Path Coaching will design a program which increases flexibility, promote

performance, and increase endurance and overall strength, all of which will help you live your best life. They encourage you to listen to your body, making sure you warm up and cool down before and after physical activity.

Keeping Fit in Your Eighties and Beyond

As you age and strength diminishes, you should not limit your ability to keep active. Instead,

Silent Path Coaching will help determine which specific exercises are best. The length of time you exercise becomes more important at this age, and the time depends more upon how the individual feels during the workout. Spreading physical activities throughout the week gives your body more time to recuperate which is important to consider as at this age, injuries take longer to heal.

Balancing continues to affect stability and confidence, particularly with health concerns such as arthritis, vision impairment, and side effects of medication. Staying mobile and steady on your feet aids in staying independent longer. Simple activities like marching on the spot, heel raises, or toe tapping can continue to help improve posture, stability, and coordination, reducing chances of falling or bumping into things and causing injuries.

Motivation, Support, Routine, and Accountability for Seniors

The Silent Path Coaching will design a program for you which will increase flexibility, promote performance, and increase endurance and overall strength, all of which will help you live your best life. They will teach you to listen to your body, making sure you warm up and cool down before and after physical activity, and above all, to support, and encourage you.

Reach out to The Silent Path Coaching today and start working on the key areas of aging, while getting the most out of your physical activities, and out of life!

Written by Joanne Taylor, freelance writer

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